Thursday, January 18, 2007


Hello, Hello, is there any body out there?

This is my first post on this blog. So, I thought I would just start with a brief explanation of why I created The View From Left Field. I have been reading blogs for a couple of years now and I find them to be a very interesting and potentially powerful media. They give people, any people, an opportunity to shout out into the void. And by doing this allow people to be as creative and experimental in their expression as they chose to be.

I am hoping that this blog becomes a place where the authors, including myself, can fully examine their ideas and refine them in such a way that they become fruitful ideas leading to a better future.

The conventional media has become a self congratulating, some might say masturbating, group of conservative gasbags which are not only uninformative but are boring to boot. Blogs have begun to break up this logjam on constructive dialog. I say more power to them. There simply cannot be enough voices discussing the problem we collectively face.

But, I have also seen many fine blogger burn out and give up writing. This is understandable, because the burden of always producing new content must strain even the most prolific writers, and moderating the comments section of blogs looks like a time consuming task with little reward. But, single author blogs without comments become isolated sounding boards with little way to tell if the ideas expressed are striking a cord, or if they even deserve to.

This blog will have a moderated comment section. Readers who would like to comment will have to register with the Blog, and I, or the other authors, reserve the right to boot anybody who we feel only wishes to disrupt the conversation, not engage in thoughtful dialog.

This blog will also have multiple authors. All of the authors are from North Carolina and reside in the Triad. I have invited them to write here because I think that they are all good writers, have interesting perspectives on the problems we face and on life in general. I hope that you as readers will also enjoy what we have to say. We write about local, national and international issues and any other idea which strikes our fancy.

I have unilaterally selected the name. I picked it because we often hear some left wing idea which is beyond the imagination of the profits of conventional wisdom being condemned as "coming from left field." That is where I would like to reside, someplace beyond the wildest dreams of the profit's imagination. Someplace where people are respected for who they are, not for how much they can consume. Besides, I do not believe that the profits of conventional wisdom have any solutions for our lives. We must look for some way beyond our current consumption driven economy. To find it we need to look in left field. So that is where I will be. Sending back post to you, dear reader, expounding on the view from left field.

Perhaps, someday you can join me.

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Kristen said...

I received the link to this blog through a mutual friend. I fully support what you are doing and your reaching out to others with this message. I am doing the same with my blog, and will add you to my list so that those who visit me may also visit you.

Keep it up.

I had two hours to use up this morning while getting my oil changed, and used that time to read more in Thom Hartmann's book, UnEqual Protection, The Rise of Corporate Dominance and the Theft of Human Rights. I will be posting ideas from that book in the near future. I have read three of his other books, too, and they were all life-changing events for me, starting with The Prophet's Way.

What I read this morning confirms in my mind that the internet will be the means by which true freedom will be restored to the individual. It was very interesting reading how this country started because of individuals opposing the greed of a corporation.

Thank you for being another voice to be heard. We will gain freedom just as the colonists did, by following our inner voices of what is right and just.