Saturday, July 25, 2009

Quote O' the Weekend

I’ve always thought that if Palin were just a touch less ignorant and frightening, the national media might have loved her. -- Doug J

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Healthcare for Americans is just a game (of profit)

"Approximately 114 million Americans are expected to leave private health insurance. Why? Their employers will drop the insurance because the taxpayer-subsidized plan will be 30 to 40 percent cheaper. This action will collapse the private health insurance market, and then the Federal Government will own the health provider game."

-- Michelle (Mary Tyler Moore on the brown acid) Bachman

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Gatesville" -- I like the ring of that for the city in Massachusetts formerly known as Cambridge

Professor Gates was driven to his home by a driver for a local car company. Professor Gates attempted to enter his front door, but the door was damaged. Professor Gates then entered his rear door with his key, turned off his alarm, and again attempted to open the front door. With the help of his driver they were able to force the front door open, and then the driver carried Professor Gates’ luggage into his home.

Professor Gates immediately called the Harvard Real Estate office to report the damage to his door and requested that it be repaired immediately. As he was talking to the Harvard Real Estate office on his portable phone in his house, he observed a uniformed officer on his front porch. When Professor Gates opened the door, the officer immediately asked him to step outside. Professor Gates remained inside his home and asked the officer why he was there. The officer indicated that he was responding to a 911 call about a breaking and entering in progress at this address. Professor Gates informed the officer that he lived there and was a faculty member at Harvard University. The officer then asked Professor Gates whether he could prove that he lived there and taught at Harvard. Professor Gates said that he could, and turned to walk into his kitchen, where he had left his wallet. The officer followed him. Professor Gates handed both his Harvard University identification and his valid Massachusetts driver’s license to the officer. Both include Professor Gates’ photograph, and the license includes his address.

Professor Gates then asked the police officer if he would give him his name and his badge number. He made this request several times. The officer did not produce any identification nor did he respond to Professor Gates’ request for this information. After an additional request by Professor Gates for the officer’s name and badge number, the officer then turned and left the kitchen of Professor Gates’ home without ever acknowledging who he was or if there were charges against Professor Gates. As Professor Gates followed the officer to his own front door, he was astonished to see several police officers gathered on his front porch. Professor Gates asked the officer’s colleagues for his name and badge number. As Professor Gates stepped onto his front porch, the officer who had been inside and who had examined his identification, said to him, ‘Thank you for accommodating my earlier request,’ and then placed Professor Gates under arrest. He was handcuffed on his own front porch.

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Goldman Sachs Are Scum

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Monday, July 20, 2009

The Quote of the First Half of Obama's First Year

Obama really needs to start listening to people who have a clue. -Atrios (20 July)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Kid's All Right

My strong sense is that contrarianness reached its apogee in the 1990s when a general sense took over that politics was basically silly and that punditry should be seen as basically akin to the college debate circuit wherein the idea is to construct the most clever possible argument rather than to actually hit on the truth. When this general spirit of the times merged with the elite press’ inexplicable loathing of Al Gore you started getting really bizarre arguments being made with a straight face. People would say that one good thing about George W. Bush was that he was dimwitted, which made him understand leadership. Or that a big problem with Gore was that he was interested in public policy.

This attitude brought us thousands of Americans killed in a terrorist attack, thousands more killed in a senseless war, and eventually the collapse of the world economy. But that in turn has at least to a small extent reminded people that it actually does matter what happens and who’s right.

-- Matt Yglesias


Sunday, July 5, 2009


i'm with atrios -- this shit about "everybody" misreading the economy back when he and obama gave the repugnants every opportunity to ruin the stimulus -- while progressives-with-voice -- krugman, stiglitz et al. -- were "uh-oh-ing" all over the friggin' place that this stimulus was too small even before "obama and them" cut its heart out for the republicans... who then didn't cast one vote fer it.

biden oughta be ashamed of himself -- but moreover, git back to work and get stimulus #2 in the pipeline.

the other disingenuous comments came from the Prez himself, telling us DFHs we should play nice as the healthcare bill becomes smoke and mirrors like they have for 2 generations.

Caution will be the policy that destroys this presidency -- ie (and this is painful to say) being the NOT-BUSH/CHENEY wont work.

I has spoken. (as Mammy was wont to say...)