Monday, September 29, 2008

Cry babies

Take a look at this clips.

The first is a clip of Nancy Pelosi's closing speech. The second is the Republican Party press conference after the vote where the blame Pelosi's speech for causing the vote for the bailout to fail. What a bunch of wimps. The majority of their members voted against the bill. The should take credit for killing the bill, instead once again they don't want to assume responsibility for their own actions.

I am glad the bill failed. I have been very unhappy with Pelosi pushing, what I consider to be a disastrous bill, on the American people. But I have to say that her speech today was spot on. The disaster we face now is the direct result of the disastrous economic policies, or lack of policies, of the last eight years. If the Republican's don't want to hear that, too fucking bad, they can just eat shit as far as I am concerned. I hope that Mrs. Pelosi follows through with that speech and forces through the next Congress the kind of bills we need to reign in the cowboy capitalism that is running rampant today. And, I hope we have the votes to pass them without a single Republican vote. The sound of Republicans crying the blues then will be sweet music indeed.

Listen to both clips. It is simply astounding to listen to these wounded puppies complain that Pelosi's partisanship insulted their virgin ears. They were not voting on her speech. If they supported the bill, they should have voted yes. If they did not support the bill they should own up to the fact that they defeated the bill.

Their talk of Partisanship is just too much to bear. These same bastards wrote bills, where they did not even let a single Democrat participate in the drafting of the bills, and then passed them using the most openly corrupt manner possible. Bribing members on the floor of the house, or threatening to fund opposition primary candidates on the floor of the house, to coerce their own members to vote yes. They did all this so that they could pass bills with little or no support from the Democrats. Now they want preach partisanship and lecture Pelosi about leadership, Please!!

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