Sunday, July 5, 2009


i'm with atrios -- this shit about "everybody" misreading the economy back when he and obama gave the repugnants every opportunity to ruin the stimulus -- while progressives-with-voice -- krugman, stiglitz et al. -- were "uh-oh-ing" all over the friggin' place that this stimulus was too small even before "obama and them" cut its heart out for the republicans... who then didn't cast one vote fer it.

biden oughta be ashamed of himself -- but moreover, git back to work and get stimulus #2 in the pipeline.

the other disingenuous comments came from the Prez himself, telling us DFHs we should play nice as the healthcare bill becomes smoke and mirrors like they have for 2 generations.

Caution will be the policy that destroys this presidency -- ie (and this is painful to say) being the NOT-BUSH/CHENEY wont work.

I has spoken. (as Mammy was wont to say...)

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